Sponsor a Student

Student Sponsorship
Won't you please prayerfully consider sponsoring a student?

Every student we accept into our program is someone without resources or other opportunities, and so we at New Life Skills Centre would like your help in offering them this great opportunity.

The New Life Skills Centre was established to: 1) educate and train students in subjects and skills to give them a means to provide for themselves and their families, thus breaking the cycle of poverty, and 2) introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ so that they, by the power of the Holy Spirit, could walk in their God-given purposes with dignity, hope and redemption.

Program operations are costly. Lunches alone run $100 per month per student. Rent and electricity, learning materials and shop supplies all contribute to our need. 

We already have been able to take on jobs for hire to pay our apprentices a daily wage and help offset some of the electricity bills and shop supplies. We hope to see many more students graduate into the job creation aspect, and hopefully join our staff. Our long-term goals also include opening a store. But for now, we are relying on financial partners to sustain the ministry as we grow into a more self-sustaining level. This is an investment with HUGE impact on the lives of the students and on their communities.

The Current Goal: 

5 Students

at $500/month each 



or a total of 
$30,000/year in Sponsorship

  • If 5 individuals each give $100/month, they can co-sponsor 1 student
  • If 1 church or small group commits to $500/month, a 2nd student can be accepted
  • If  3 churches or organization can give a one-time gift of  $6000, another 3 students can be added

Maybe you are part of a small group that wants to take on sponsoring 1 student monthly for the next year. Perhaps you have a growing missions outreach at your church, or you have a company or organization passionate about giving back to others. Or maybe you have other fundraising ideas you want to pioneer: a craft or garage sale, or even an on-going thrift shop... you can give a one-time gift that can go towards our total operations for the year, or make a commitment to be a monthly sponsor.

Every gift, big or small, will be used to grow the ministry, giving students an opportunity to learn a skill and see the gospel of Jesus Christ at work in their life. We thank you for your prayerful consideration and partnership.

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