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Want to Serve with us in JAMAICA?

We would greatly appreciate your help, whether you wish to be a part of an outreach team for a week, or if you want to volunteer for a month or more. We can put your gifts and strengths to use.
email Paul and Michelle to ask questions and start planning:

Team Outreach Trips can now be planned for 2019. If you want to put a group together of church friends, neighbors, co-workers or family, come on down! There are so many projects and ministries you can plug into:
  • Building a small home for a vulnerable family
  • Taking on maintenance projects or needs (even laundry or help with cleaning) at local childrens homes
  • Working with our students on specific skills, techniques or certain business/life lessons
  • Helping with local kids programming like AWANA, homework tutoring, dance classes, sports camps etc.
  • Assisting with Church renovations at Baylife
  • Visiting patients at the Infirmary
  • Getting into the community to visit with people, invite them to various programs (sewing lessons, Bible study etc.) and offer prayer when appropriate
  • (Eventually) Getting housing areas and a store-front set up for New Life Skills Centre 

    Volunteer Interns/Staff  are wanted to help with the overall operations of the ministry. Serve for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or serve on our staff for a year or more.
    • Woodshop instructors/supervisors (or other skill/trade)
    • Mentors to lead devotions and the group time discussions and one-on-ones
    • Reading or Math teachers
    • Homeschool help for the missionary family
    • Administrative help (planning, office organization, social media and fund-raising)
    • Outreach Team Leaders (building houses or coordinating other projects & collaborations)
    • Host Parents/Family to be on-site for students and teams
    • (Eventually) Workers for the store/coffeeshop

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