New Life Skills Centre

It is our desire to empower underprivileged and fatherless youth. The New Life Skills Centre, located in Montego Bay, was created to: 1) educate and train students in subjects and skills to give them a means to provide for themselves and their families, thus breaking the cycle of poverty, and 2) introduce them to Jesus Christ so that they, by the power of the Holy Spirit, could walk in their God-given purposes with dignity, hope and redemption. 

New Life students receive training in woodworking, as well as academic classes such as Reading and Math, to better equip them for employment. Students are also given an opportunity to know God, through weekly Bible classes, devotions and one-on-ones. New Life staff walks with students as they begin to understand their own identity within the body of Christ...  learning to recognize and renounce the lies and traps of the enemy and thus, being transformed by the renewal of their minds. As they develop skills and confidence, and are exposed to truths and encouragement, hope is planted for the future. 

Upon successful completion of year 1, students receive an invitation for a 2nd year apprenticeship, where they can practice their skills and begin to take on jobs for hire under the guidance and supervision of an instructor. The apprenticeship provides a framework for Godly business ethics and money management, as well as goal-setting and planning.  Besides in-class projects, students will be brought out in the community to build 2-3 houses per year, which grows experience and a concern for others.

Essentially, this is a job creation, where graduates have the opportunity to continue working from the New Life workshop, and mentoring new students. We have recently made a move into a 6,000 + sq. ft. building to house the program, with an additional 2,000+ sq. ft. storefront where products can be sold/ordered.  The new space has provided the option of housing students as well, for those who would have need. We are currently seeking individuals, churches and organizations to partner with New Life in this critical growth stage.  We greatly appreciate your interest in this vision. We would be honored to have you partner with us.

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