Our Mission

Our heart is for discipling individuals, restoring families and developing communities, starting within our own home, and reaching out to the world around us. We wish to show the love of Jesus by equipping people to meet their practical needs. And as we come alongside them, we can encourage and empower them with the hope and peace that can be found in Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer! We are all broken people, each with our own faults and failings. But God is for us, and with us. We do not go because we are strong, but because we are weak, and we have seen God's strength.

Our family moved to Jamaica in March of 2014, just outside of Montego Bay. With nearly 75% of children born out of wedlock, and much poverty, we are passionate about doing ministry in this area.  As we continue to develop relationships and pray for our students and neighbors, we expect to see many more people healed, saved and delivered by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Under the umbrella of Youth With A Mission, we have been able to use our skills to provide housing for the needy, empower youth through education and the arts, and equip individuals for employment through skills-training.
The New Life Skills Centre was birthed in October, 2014. The vision of the New Life Program is to provide the underprivileged and fatherless youth with the hope and skills to pursue God’s purposes in their lives. The program currently offers training in Wood-working, Reading, Math and Bible classes, as well as private counseling/prayer sessions and group discussions.  
In September of 2016, we were invited to join the staff at Baylife Church in Montego Bay. We will focus and rally our efforts on growing the church through fellowship, discipleship and community outreach, while still running with the New Life Program.
Our family relies on the Lord's provision and is grateful for the generous giving of faithful supporters which allows us to continue to live and work in Montego Bay. We will go. Will you send us? We welcome and invite you to partner with our ministry.