Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why Not Now?

I posted on my facebook, on March 18th,  about meeting a guy named Randy at a Homes of Hope site. He commented to me then that he would like to be a Christian "someday." At that time, he admitted he really did not want to give up his lifestyle... which included parties and girls. I didn't want to push, but he struck me enough that my wife and I began to pray for him regularly, that he would be touched by the Holy Spirit. We then asked people from our home church to start praying for him as well, and for me to have the opportunity to continue conversations with him. I did actually see him a couple times since then, and he was open to having me pray that he would get a job. A good start. But then I haven't seen him at all this last month.

Until Saturday.  He came on campus to watch a soccer match.  I was working in the barn, building a bunk bed for Liam and Evie.  I was very focused on trying to get this bed built since we are only a week or so away from having this baby, but here was Randy...  I had to see what was happening in his life.  He told me that he had gotten a full time job.  He got the job shortly after we prayed about it.  Praise the Lord!  Jobs here are very scarce, especially a full time job.  We chit-chatted a while and then he told me that we was very hungry and asked if I had anything for him to eat.  Of course,  I did, so I just had to stop what I was doing, lock up the barn and walk a little ways up to my house.  So I ran back home and heated up some left-overs and ran them back down to the barn.  A large plate of food quickly turned into a few chicken bones.  He was super appreciative, but then just left.

Then Monday came.  At the end of day, I went down to the barn to make sure everything was locked up and such, and there was another soccer game happening.  There was Randy again, watching the game. So we just hung and talked for a bit.  After a short while, I could tell something was different about his demeanor.  So I asked him,  "Is God doing something in your life right now?"  To which he quickly replied,  "Yes".  I had this feeling I should ask if he wanted prayer for anything.  He kind of stumbled "can you pray for me to become a Christian someday?"  I said "why someday, how about right now?"  Then he said with confidence "Yes, I want it now."  So we were able to pray together this time; he repeated after me, asking Jesus to seal him, and cleanse him from his sins, and fill him with His Spirit, and to help him to follow him. We continued in prayer about protection, asking God to shield him from the enemy. When we finished our time in prayer, I invited him to come with our family to church on Sunday, and he excitedly said yes.  It was so awesome!

I want to thank everyone for praying.  I have confidence that these prayers, prompted by the Holy Spirit on Randy's behalf, paved the way for Randy.  I even told him that people from MN and my home church were praying for him.  He was shocked and amazed.  People that didn't even know him cared enough to pray for him.  Hearing that alone made an impact in his life.  So please keep on praying for our new brother in Christ, Randy.